Pray for Our Future

Join us in praying for God’s guidance and provision in preparation for our congregational vote.

Prayer for Holy Multiplication

Almighty God and Father,

You blessed Your people that they might be a blessing and a light to the nations. You have also blessed us and called us to bless others as we continue to carry the torch of Christ’s light, love and grace to the ends of the earth.

As you lead us forward, may we continue to abide on the rich vine of Jesus Christ, nourished by God’s holy living Word. May our flourishing green branches extend to the ends of the earth to provide the life-giving fruit of the Spirit found in the healing word and works of Jesus Christ.

Father God, multiply our resources so that others might be able to grow in their faith through Bible studies, prayer resources, teachings, devotionals, discipleship training and other Christ-centered, Wesleyan, biblically sound materials.

Lord Jesus, raise up a new generation of leaders who are bold to proclaim Your truth to a world where relativism prevails. Empower them and anoint them with the Holy Spirit that they might experience Christ’s love and goodness in deeper more profound ways to share it with a world in need.

Holy Spirit, guide us as a church as we seek the Father’s heart to sow seeds of love and righteousness in new fields that are ripe for harvest. Raise up laborers in Your fields to cultivate, till and plant new churches.

Gracious Father, above all, may we be known by our love – our love for You, our love for one another and our love for the lost. May we recover the heart of the Good Shepherd whose heart breaks at the waywardness of the one. Let us not be afraid to be sent but use us as the Shepherd’s hands and feet in the world.

We ask this in the name of our Triune King – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.