Growing Together Guides

Welcome to the Growing Together Guide. In this guide, you will find five weeks of daily devotions to complement the messages from the stewardship series. Each devotion is designed to strengthen your faith and provide inspiration for walking daily with Jesus as we begin 2022.

Week 1: Growing Together Guide

Week One begins the journey with an overview of what it means to grow together as a church with a unified spirit and purpose. Beginning with Jesus’ first calling of his disciples, each day speaks into how we come together as a community to follow Jesus with love and intentionality.


Week 2: Gather in Community

In Week Two of the Growing Together Guide, we explore Gather in Community and look at what Scripture reveals about the importance of gathering to learn, encourage and serve each other. True life change comes about when we are sharing life with others.


Week 3: Raise Up

Week Three of the Growing Together Guide focuses on how we are called to Raise Up others through sharing our faith, mentoring others, teaching and leading. Read the devotions and Scriptures to better understand that as we develop our faith, part of our growth is to reach out to others to share our life experiences and walk beside them on the path to a deeper faith.


Week 4: Outward Focus

Helping us nurture an Outward Focus is the main point of Week Four in the Growing Together Guide. As we become followers of Jesus and examine the life He led, we begin to understand the active, sacrificial love He had for others. So we, as part of our faith, also desire to put into motion this selfless love of Jesus and serve others in our church, our community and our world.


Week 5: Walk With God

We develop a deeper, richer relationship with the Lord when we learn to Walk with God as discussed in Week Five of the Growing Together Guide. Jesus had daily conversations with His Father and was able to withstand the challenges of His life by staying connected. Worship, prayer and spiritual practices bring about a true transformation of our hearts. In living a changed life, we can begin to be an agent of light and life to the dark places in our world.


A Pathway to a Deeper Faith

Jesus' call "to follow me" is an invitation to begin a life-long journey to explore and apply God's Word, grow in maturity, love our neighbors, share our faith and, ultimately, become more like Him. G.R.O.W. Points is a pathway to intentionally connect and live out your faith at The Woodlands Methodist Church. No matter where you are in your faith, we are excited to journey with you.

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